All you want to know about sports betting

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All you want to know about sports betting

Sbobetonline and various other sites offer sports betting in addition to online casino gaming, racing as well as games. However, sports betting is not limited to just predicting the outcome of the game and placing a bet on it.

Sports bets vary by culture. In fact even their frequency is culture dependent. The most bets are placed on Soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, mixed martial arts, hockey and boxing. Sports bets are also for contests like reality shows, political elections, greyhound racing, horse racing and dog fighting.

The way sbobetonline and other sites work is that the better places their bet on the site and based on the results the bettor stands to gain or lose. There are offline sources for betting as well, these may or may not be legal. In these cases, the better places their bets through a sports book or bookmaker. The wage brokers profit by keeping a profit of all the bets. This is called juice, vigorish, rake or action. Illegal bookies pay the winning bettor more by making the losing better exclusively pay for the vigorish.


 Legal sports books which are online like sbobetonline are legal and they may be in different jurisdictions as the bettors. They take bets upfront using the bettor’s credit or debit cards.

The betting markets in Asia use formats for expressing odds which are Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian style. These are in terms of probability which is implied and this corresponds with the probability of the event which is in question.

However, the odds should be greater than the probability of the possible outcomes and only then will there be a guaranteed profit. In case the wagers of each outcome are such that the ratio to implied odds are maintained, the bookmakers will profit as well.

This is how sports betting works.

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