Free google gadgets that are the best top 10

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Free google gadgets that are the best top 10

Here are some of the top 10 google gadgets on the market.

  1. Google translate my page: it’s a mesmerizing google gadget from google to be used in any blog or website. This gadget would allow the users to translate the entire content of the page instantly to the desired language or would offer suggestions to their native language.
  2. Google map search: it’s a great addition gadget from google for travelers. For those people who love to travel to new places every now and then, can make use of this application.
  3. Google news feeds: with the help of google new feeds, one can get the latest updates on the latest news and stories available on google. You can add this news feed to your website or blog.
  4. Weather channel: if you are the one who keeps updates on weather then this is a best features or gadget for you from google. Get the latest weather updates on your fingertips.

Free google gadgets that are the best top 10

Calorie calculator: In order to eat healthy and stay fit, you need to know the amount of calorie intake. With this mesmerizing gadget, it’s easy to know how much calorie you consume every day.

  1. My notes: people with busy or hectic life schedules can use the latest gadget to keep track of things anytime and anywhere and get alerts as well.
  2. Chat online: do you want to have conversation with your friend, brother or boss or all of them at once? You can use this gadget to do the same very easily.
  3. Animal smiles: This gadget from google is one among the best on the market. You can find various animals smiling to use when chatting.
  4. Stress relief paintball: you can use this gadget to release all your stress from body.
  5. Movies trailer: check out the latest and most popular movie trailers or the best of the day.


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